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I know what is best for my life! Really?

© 2011 By Marta VanGerwen

“You’re not the boss of me!” declared my four-year old granddaughter to her siblings.  I waited to see if I needed to jump in and referee. But with a little give and take they worked it out and Kylie marched on victorious.  As I watched her maneuver her little world, I reflected on the different places in my life where I demand my way.

Of course it is a different scenario when an adorable four-year old shouts out that statement versus an adult.  I have spent many years, telling others and God, “You are not the boss of me.”  Oh, I didn’t use those exact words.  But you know the saying, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Makes me think of the old song by Frank Sinatra, “My Way” that states the following, “And faced it all, and I stood tall; and did it my way.”  I have always struggled with those lyrics.  I wonder would we really at the end of our life be proud because we did everything our way?  As I look back at my life the places that have caused the greatest regret have been the areas where I did it my way, and where my actions shouted, “You are not the boss of me!”

I asked Jesus to be my Savior many years ago.  His powerful presence and transforming love set me on a journey of great healing.  But even as I yearned for Him to be my guide I still clung to my life.   And while I desired for Him to be in control of my life, my actions shouted,  “I still want to be in charge. You are not the boss of me!”  Again, I didn’t actually say those words to Him but through my stubbornness and demanding  way I was really saying I know what is best for my life.

In the bible we see a potent statement made by John the Baptist, that I feel really captures the essence of our relationship with the Lord, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30   Yet human nature wants its way.  And in the midst of our scramble to try and figure out  life, our Creator who has the answers longs to flood us with direction, fulfillment, purpose; and above all the gift of  Jesus.   And yet we continue striving and attempting to understand or make sense when it is impossible without the missing link.

This adventure was not intended to be self-directed, nor was it to be navigated by our finite perspective.  But instead to be relinquished to a loving God who desires to take center stage in our lives.  To supernaturally fashion His purpose for our lives in and through us.

After a few really costly mistakes I began to see that there is another way to live life.  I saw more clearly how the misguided view of “You are not the boss of me,” was driving me deeper away from God’s purposes for my life.  I saw how doing it my way is not the best for me, how it leads to disappointment and despair.

Demanding my way complicates.  Allowing God to direct ignites freedom  –  A freedom that sets in motion God’s amazing destiny for our lives.  I mean really who knows what is best for us but the ONE who created us.

So “Your not the boss of me,” is not my assertion anymore, but rather, Lord, help me decrease so that you can be all in my life.

And LORD, YOU ARE the boss of me!

Maybe you too have struggled with this in your own life.  I welcome your comments and or feedback… I think there is much to be learned from the journey of others…

More to come on RisenDreams…

You are HIS prized possession….


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